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Our Charity

Redeemer Trust established for save our planet from man made Disaster and Natural Disaster by Our aims to reduce, or avoid, the potential losses from hazards, assure prompt and appropriate assistance to victims of disaster, and achieve rapid and effective recovery.The mitigation and preparedness phases occur as Disaster management improvements are made in anticipation of a disaster event. Especially our planet affected by human activities for luxury life so these kind of activities create man made disaster so our duty is the earth saves from man made disaster. The man-made disaster very huge impact caused on human life in very long period. Our Planet meets Global Warming and Terrorism and Illiteracy and Poor water shed Management and Deforestation and Radio active waste. So The Man –made Disaster preventing by the pre disaster activities by The Education. The Education tool to teach tolerance, peaceful, awareness, Honest, Dedication, Social work, Help to other people, wealthiest, avoid poverty, to build social-economic people


Global Warming Control

Encourage watershed Management


Another one our duty control Terrorism by teaches and educates and creates awareness of what is the impact of terrorism.

Global Warming Control

And Global warming is the continuous increase in the atmospheric temperature of earth causing negative climatic changes. Rise in temperature is caused by the fossil fuels, industries, agricultural processes, increasing emissions of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc) because of the burning of wood, solid waste, fossil fuels, etc. In order to reduce the effect of global warming we should limit our need of agriculture, deforestation, mining, industrial production, etc. we should do re-plantation of the plants to a great level to reduce the side effects of deforestation. We should replant the genetically engineered plants and replenishment of oceans with algae which are efficient to recycle the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Encourage watershed Management

We encourage Watershed management ,So Watershed management is the study of the relevant characteristics of a watershed aimed at the sustainable distribution of its resources and the process of creating and implementing plans, programs, and projects to sustain and enhance watershed functions that affect the plant, animal, and human communities within a watershed boundary. Features of a watershed that agencies seek to manage include water supply, water quality, drainage, storm water runoff, water rights, and the overall planning and utilization of watersheds. Landowners, land use agencies, storm water management experts, environmental specialists, water use surveyors and communities all play an integral part in watershed management

Nuclear waste Management

Nuclear power plant produces all kinds of nuclear waste during operation. Waste characteristics depend on the reactor type, but the common need for operator is the optimization of waste quantity and type. We can help to significantly reduce the waste volumes and waste management costs at nuclear power plants by optimizing the whole process from waste collection to final disposal. We also provide services to assess long term safety for nuclear waste in geological repositories.

Encourage Forestation

Our very important role Forestation for control Global warming and Control Drought. And our aim is save our Earth from Disaster Event by Pre- Disaster Activities and Post-Disaster activities and Research Rehabilitation Process.

Our Mission


Our goal is save Human life and Earth from The Disasters (Man-Disater and Natural Disaster)


Peace of Human Life and Earth, Growth of Human Life and Earth ,Wealth of Human Life and Earth

Our Mission

Preparedness , Response,Recovery,Mitigation.

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